As technology advances, CNC milling has become an integral part of many manufacturing processes, including manufacturing of advertising. Our company performs the work with MECANUMERIC milling-engraving machine of the highest quality. The dimensions of the work table are 2000x4000 mm. We can offer services of 2D and 3D milling and engraving. With this machine, we can process the most diverse materials, such as acrylic glass (acrylic, PMMA), various plastics (PS, PVC, ABS), wood, plywood, wood chip panel (MDF), laminated wood chip panels (LMDP), aluminum composite plates, artificial stone, and many others. Due to the perfect accuracy, it is possible to make molds for vacuum forming.

This method of material processing is widely used not only in advertising production, but also in interior design, furniture production, and other industries. We invite you to cooperate and find original solutions and possibilities of using this device together with us.