Car decoration

Wrapping of cars is classified into partial or full. Based on this, the films and the method of performance are selected, i.e. plottered film when choosing monochrome films from the palette or a photo print printed on the film.

High quality Oracal or 3M films are used. They are resistant to external factors, do not shrink, and the durable adhesive ensures adhesion to the surface in particularly curved areas.

Films with photo printing are protected from ultraviolet rays and salts by varnishing them with 3M varnish or lamination. The films are designed for curved surfaces, therefore they ensure a high-quality covering of the body surface, prevent stretching of printed images, do not shrink and do not peel away from curved areas.

Car windows are covered with a perforated film with photo printing, so the image would not interfere with visibility from the inside.

Covering works are performed by professionals of their field with many years of experience.

We also have a car covering room that allows us to accommodate a tow truck of up to 16 meters long.